HVAC Rebates Program

If you reside in the Columbus OH area, and you want to replace an outdated HVAC system affordably, look no further than the Aire-Flo Heating and Cooling company. We are among the top Carrier accredited dealers in the area. Better still, we offer a range of HVAC rebates programs that allow you to upgrade HVAC systems inexpensively.

Typically, our rebate programs work in a couple of different ways. You can take advantage of either method, based on your budget. If you lack the funds to buy the HVAC system you always dreamed of immediately, it is not important. Using our rebate programs, you can buy the cooling and/or heating system you desire, with the convenient financing options we provide.

HVAC Rebates Tailored to Your Needs

Firstly, you have to choose which products you want. Then, you can apply for the type of financing that is easiest for you to repay. Often, you can repay what you owe over a long period of time, without having to pay any interest whatsoever. Consequently, you do not need to plunder your investment and savings accounts, to finance the purchase of the HVAC system your office or home might require so urgently. Rather, you can just make the repayments using your standard income, with no stress.

A second option is to fund a more energy-efficient HVAC system upgrade, with no financing. Should you opt for this route, you can claim rebates on qualifying purchases of all systems included in the program. By doing this, you will save cash in the end, regardless of how costly your chosen products are. Sometimes, you can make very substantial savings, if you make your rebate claim correctly.

Ohio’s Leading Dealer of HVAC Systems

Aire-Flo Heating and Cooling ranks among Ohio’s leading HVAC system suppliers. As a Carrier accredited dealer, you can be confident that you will get access to everything you require to claim a rebate, or receive financing for a purchase. Don’t forget, if you use a supplier that is not a certified dealer, you will not have access to the same privileges.

All good things come to an end, and this certainly applies to our rebate programs. If you wish to take advantage of the big savings on offer through our schemes, you need to purchase your products by the appropriate deadlines. On a regular basis, there are Spring and Fall rebates offered on qualifying purchases. Hence, you better rush to Aire-Flo Heating and Cooling to get that HVAC system you always wanted, while you still have time.

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