Autumn Air Quality Tips

Woman smelling the air outside

Fall is in the Air

Days are growing shorter, the temperatures are slowly dropping, and pumpkin spice is in the air! Fall is here and with it comes all the joys of the changing season. This change is the perfect time to get serious about your indoor air quality. After all, soon we’ll be spending more and more time hiding out from the cold indoors.

In order to obtain the freshest, cleanest air possible in your home, the experts at Aire-Flo Heating & Cooling are providing you with a few tips and tasks you can use to breathe easy this fall.

Change and Upgrade Air Filters

We know how important air filters are when it comes to protecting your home. These filters catch most airborne pollutants such as dust, pollen, pet dander, dirt, and even mold spores and keep them from recirculating through the home.

With the changing of the seasons, we see a change in outdoor allergens like ragweed and dust mites. Our best advice to help keep these contaminants out of your nose and home is to frequently replace your air filters. Give yourself an even stronger level of protection by opting for higher-rated filters. These will catch even smaller pollutants trying to make their way inside.

If you suffer from seasonal allergies or asthma, it is recommended you change your filters every month for the cleanest air possible.

Increase Air Flow

Now that summer is long gone, you’re less likely to let the breeze fly through open doors and windows. During fall and winter months, your airflow will probably decline. Fix this by consistently using your kitchen and bathroom exhaust fans to keep the steamy air moving.

And just because it’s colder outside does not mean you can’t use your ceiling fans. Look for the switch on the side of your ceiling fan that changes the rotation direction and switch it to clockwise. This will help circulate warm air down and may even help warm the home up.

Use a Humidifier

Colder days mean less moisture in the air, leading to dry eyes, skin, and throats. Increasing the humidity levels in your home can create a much more comfortable environment. You can purchase an inexpensive portable humidifier, or go big and install a whole-home humidifier to add some moisture back into the air.

Bonus: if you have houseplants, they will love this extra little burst of moisture!

Clean Often

We hate to add another chore to your busy schedule, but cleaning is one of the best ways to improve indoor air quality. Dusting, mopping, and vacuuming will go a long way with keeping contaminants from recirculating through the home. Don’t skip the vent covers, top shelves, and bathroom floors.

If you’re overwhelmed by the thought of all that cleaning, try getting the whole family involved! This is also a great way to get a jumpstart on the impending holiday cleaning and impress your guests.

Air Freshener Options

The smells of fall are one of the best parts of the season! While you may be excited to break out the apple and pumpkin spiced scent boosters, be sure that the air fresheners you’re using will not harm your air quality. Some carry volatile organic compounds which can cause migraines and respiratory issues.

We would advise you to find other ways to bring seasonal smells into your home. You can make your own spray solution using water and essential oils. You can also try your hand at a simmer pot! Simply fill a pot with water, citrus, cinnamon, vanilla, or any other good-smelling ingredients and bring it to a simmer. Just like when you make a delicious meal, the smell will soon fill your home.

Looking for more ways to improve your indoor air quality? Give Aire-Flo Heating & Cooling a call at (614) 585-8944 or contact us online to get started!